Tank Talker Tuesday- Talker of the Week, Ashley Drummonds of Abs Protein Pancakes

Ashley Drummonds is born and raised in Tampa, FL and has been an entrepreneur since she was a kid.

"I can remember being in middle school creating yarn bracelets then printing off Cartoon paper business cards at home with my name and parents home phone number then passing them around the class trying to get the other kids to buy them for $5!"

Ashley grew up playing all kinds of sports all the way through high school and was extremely close to her brothers and dad which kind of made her a bit of a "tough girl".

During adolescence, Ashley went through a lot of self esteem and body image issues because she had a muscular physique and had a hard time accepting that she wasn't a "Barbie" shape. This led to a lot of unhealthy diets, over training her body, and developing one unhealthy relationship after the other looking for acceptance and love into her late teens and early twenties.

After exhausting herself for a solution on how to "fix" her mind and body, Ashley decided to stop the battle of trying to be something that she wasn't. This new outlook resulted in divorce at age 21 when she completely left everything familiar and moved away to "find" herself. Not only did Ashley find the love and acceptance she was looking for from everyone else, she also found it within herself,  It has since become her passion to help other women truly find their own Authenticity, Beauty and Strength- which is now the "ABS" brand.

Ashley works as a personal trainer, specifically with women's strength training to teach women how being strong in the gym, but she also teaches them to be strong on the inside. Ashley realized that the correlation between our thoughts and what we tell ourselves internally plays into our reality. She started teaching women about training their mind and training their body which is now become a passion of hers- to empower and inspire women to absolutely love their bodies, lives, business, and anything else they want! It led her create what is now the ABS Protein Pancakes brand to help women and men all over the world enjoy their favorite foods while sticking to a healthy nutrition program and without feeling like they are "dieting." Her goal and mission with the ABS Protein Pancakes brand is to encourage less dieting and depriving our bodies and more delicious foods we love that fuel our bodies and our souls. Ashley started the ABS Protein Pancake lines in July of 2014 from absolutely nothing, and with no clue of how online business works, how to use social media for business or even how to create a food product. She grew it to a six figure company in under 11 months time and has a passion to help teach others to do the same.

Ashley spends her days growing the ABS Protein Pancake line (ABSPancakes.com), but also growing the ABS brand by giving back and helping to empower others through strength and mental training, spirituality and sharing her knowledge of successful business practices. Ashley does this on her platform AshleyDrummonds.com where she features a weekly ABS TV Interview episode from other entrepreneurs, athletes, and thought leaders whose stories help to connect and inspire viewers.