Tank Talker Tuesday- Talker of the Week- Shelly Ehler - Founder, ShowNo Towels

Shelly is the founder of ShowNo Towels and appeared in Season 3 with her "poncho towel for kids".  The greatest influence in her life was her grandfather who was a jack of all trades.  "There wasn't anything my papa  couldn't do from building a home to restoring an antique car to making aluminum can crushers for everyone in the family.  He was always creating.  Always solving problems and I think I got my problem -solving abilities from him."  So it was no wonder that on a day at the pool when her sons wanted to change into dry clothes and she wasn't able to keep a towel around them, the ShowNo towel was born.

Shelly had great success with the ShowNo towel and sold it into major theme parks such as Legoland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and even Disney World!  She appeared on Shark Tank in 2012 and is the only entrepreneur in the shows history to leave the tank with a check in her hand.  It would seem that with all that success, her business would be booming, but in 2015, Shelly announced she was "throwing in the towel".  It's often said that only a small percentage of businesses succeed long term and unfortunately ShowNo Towels was one of them.  Shelly said that she didn't have the cash flow to keep the company going and after giving it "everything she had" she decided to let go and move forward giving thanks for her experience and everything she learned. 

After airing on Shark Tank, Shelly was surprised at the amount of invitations she received to speak at different venues...colleges, high school classrooms, women's groups,  churches, conferences, entrepreneur events etc and found a true passion for public speaking!  She says, "My towel didn't come to make me rich.  It came to teach me and the things I have learned I am meant to share.  This journey was never about a towel.  It was about something bigger and better.  It was about spreading hope and that is what I intend to do!"

Shelly has a genuine and heartfelt story about the realities of being an entrepreneur.  The highs, the lows, the doors that open, the ones that close, holding on and letting go, and how being grateful for it all will point you towards your life purpose.

Currently, Shelly works at All American Containers in Simi Valley, Ca selling packaging and loves her new job.  She is also studying to be a life coach and is writing a book titled, Throwing in the Towel - How Not Getting What I Thought I Wanted Brought Me Everything I Needed.  She lives in Oxnard, Ca with her husband and two sons and yorkie.

You can connect with Shelly through her website www.shellyjehler.com.  She is always there to help and give an encouraging word when needed.  Her motto is "Dream it, Believe it, Let it go.  You will be amazed at what can happen when you follow your heart in faith"