Staying Passionate: Advice From Shark Tank Entrepreneurs


Join Tank Talkers at QuickBooks® Connect 2017 for “Staying Passionate: Advice From Shark Tank Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets to Help You Drive Your Business Forward,” with Shark Tank alums Dr. Amy BaxterJulie Busha and Julie Goldman. Moderated by fellow alum Romy Taormina, hear how these savvy business owners stay passionate in their businesses and offer up their secrets so you can do the same to drive your business positively forward.

Each of their stories is unique. Yet, there is a common thread that CONNECTS all of these business owners. They are all passionate about what they do, which helps them stay motivated:

  • They understand they must give to receive, so they are effective in relationship building and networking.
  • They research before they “jump,” so they make strategic business decisions.
  • They are all hard working and demonstrate that work ethic by example, thus inspiring their teams to do the same.
  • They are agile and can quickly pivot when necessary.
  • They are all CEOs and understand the importance of making sound financial decisions; some of them have had to learn to make numbers their friends.
  • They clearly have larger than life personalities and/or stories that have earned them each impressive (and free) media coverage.
  • They are made up of extraverts and introverts; one doesn’t have to be gregarious to be effective in business. “QUIET” can be very powerful.

Their impressive and unique product innovations range from medical devices, including cool and buzzing pain control solutionsnausea relief, a healthy reinvention of a traditional condiment and the the world’s first nonslip fabric aisle runners. Their media portfolios include Inc., Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Oprah Magazine as an “O” pick and, of course, Shark Tank, just to name a few. Some are parents and Huggies MomInspired Awardees, dog lovers, and one of them even owns a snake … well, her son does.

During their Quickbooks Connect presentation, the panel and moderator will cover various topics, including how they found their passion, how they knew they wanted to turn their passion into a business, and how they have actively maintained their passion through the ups and downs of running their businesses. They will discuss setbacks and how to pivot in business, and will provide resources and tools so you can leave with tangible takeaways. There will be a Q&A near the end of the session.