Tank Talker Tuesday- Talker of the Week- Steven Sashen, CEO- Xero Shoes


For men over the age of 50, Steven Sashen, may be the fastest Jew in the world (he’s a competitive sprinter at age 54). When he’s not racing past people 1/3 his age, he’s the CEO and co-founder (with his wife, Lena Phoenix) of Xero Shoes from Shark Tank season 4. Sashen has now helped over 121,297 people in 94 countries experience the fun and benefits of natural, barefoot-inspired movement, whether they’re walking, hiking, running, paddling, doing yoga, or just hanging out. Asked about his goals with Xero Shoes, Sashen replied tongue firmly in cheek,

“Nothing major. Just replacing all footwear on the planet with our demonstrably awesome sandals and, soon, shoes.” 

Prior to starting Xero Shoes, Steven created the industry-standard word processing software for film and television writers, was an Emmy-award winning television host (Youtube “Disk Doctors”), and toured the country as a professional stand-up comic. Steven has been selling products online since before there was a real Internet, and has taught SEO and Internet Marketing (often to other Internet Marketers).

Steven is practically unable to be politically correct, so if you need an unedited opinion about anything — website, product, ad, person — he’s your guy. If someone’s hitting you up for money for some marketing initiative, Steven can help you determine if “there’s a there there” or if you’re soon about to part with your hard-earned cash. And he’s able to find “revenue holes” and, more importantly, plugs for them, in your website or business plan.

A native of Bethesda, Maryland, Sashen has lived in and near Boulder, Colorado since 1993 and proven his mettle as a 17-time member of the Polar Bear club by jumping in the frozen Boulder Reservoir on New Year’s day. 

Check out the whole line of Xero Shoes at Xeroshoes.com

Check out the whole line of Xero Shoes at Xeroshoes.com