Tank Talker Tuesday- Talker of the Week- Romy Taormina- CEO, Psi Bands

About Romy:

If you haven't met Romy Taormina, know this: She is a FIRECRACKER, and a benevolent firecracker at that!

Romy exudes passion in everything she does. She's figured out that to be successful in retail, you have to work hard, believe in yourself and become your own loudest cheerleader! Her mom, from a young age was Romy's cheerleader and instilled a strong sense of self-empowerment in her daughter. This has served Romy well along her entrepreneurial path to success in retail. 

"My mom was my cheerleader. She believed in me, so I learned to believe in myself, too. As a little girl, when I had trouble learning how to read, she didn’t cast any shame. She found resources to help empower me, to help me learn how to read. I was taught to find solutions to problems, not wallow in those problems." Says Romy.  

And NOT wallow she does, in fact Romy is a mover and a shaker, as she runs her successful business, Psi Bands, a nausea relief wrist band that is sold in over 10,000 US locations, including CVS, Target, Babies “R” Us, and more. In addition to running Psi Bands, Romy is passionate about giving back. She firmly believes that running a business is often very challenging. But, at the end of the day, because Psi Bands fuels a positive and meaningful purpose, it’s incredibly gratifying and helps her to navigate those challenges more openly and effectively.

Romy has several very close family members who are cancer survivors and last year lost a cousin to cancer.  Romy provides cancer patients, and others, with a product that can help them with their nausea. She feels rewarded by the comfort Psi Bands provide to hundreds of thousands of people.  

Romy also loves to give back to other entrepreneurs. One of the ways she does this is through her blog, Both Sides of the Retail Table, where Romy provides tips and resources to product-based entrepreneurs for how to get, and keep, your product on the retail shelf.

Romy is a featured speaker here at Tank Talkers for a wide array of reasons, but mostly because she's a teriffic talker that cheers other people on by inspiring them with her story and advice. 

Check out the Psi Bands website to find our more about Romy and her amazing nausea relief product. http://www.psibands.com/