Amy Baxter MD

Shark Tank Airing: Season 5, Episode 517

Amy Baxter is a pediatric emergency physician who believes there should be no unnecessary pain.  After a career researching and teaching about various kinds of suffering (child abuse, nausea in kids with cancer, needle pain) she decided to make something simple that could reduce pain everywhere.  Buzzy combines vibration and cold, and has been adopted all over the world by people who don't like needles or pain. Her new VibraCool came after she realized, "duh - pain is pain, let's use cold and vibration instead of drugs for muscle pain too."

As a pediatrician, Dr. Baxter's talks focus on advocacy to raise awareness of needle phobia and subsequent healthcare refusal - she actually went on shark tank primarily for this.  For business audiences, invariably she talks about the pivotal role of vibrators in Buzzy's creation, as well as language as a barrier to innovation and growth.

MMJ Labs seeks to reduce worldwide pain through inexpensive reusable products and research, and to become the market leader in effective non-invasive analgesia.  Buzzy reduces needle pain in over 50,000 homes and 5000 hospitals around the world, and our new VibraCool massaging ice therapy is already getting rave reviews for muscle soreness and pain relief.