Andrea Cao

Andrea Cao is a 15 year old CEO, entrepreneur, and horse trainer. She's been featured on Shark Tank, Beyond the Tank, Buzzfeed, QVC, FOX, ABC, Inc., and Business Insider just to name a few, and was on the cover of the national magazine, FFA New Horizons. She has become the youngest entrepreneur to host on QVC, and the youngest to have executive meetings at Walmart. Andrea is a hustling businesswoman by day and an avid equestrian by night. She runs her own ranch on the central coast of California where she trains problem horses and wild mustangs. She also gives horsemanship and riding lessons to others. Andrea Cao is the CEO and founder of Q-Flex, runs her other companies and startups, and continues to innovate new ideas.

Andrea was born a businesswoman. She started her first business at age 7, selling live frogs and lizards to her neighbors and classmates. After, she continued to create new ideas and start new businesses, including haircare, model horse tack, equine shampoo, and horse tack restoration. Although most of this didn't result in much money, Andrea gained priceless experience that she still uses today in her current companies. At age 13 she created a product to help her mom, who would come home from her nursing job very sore. Hong, her mom, would ask her to massage her back for her. Andrea knew she needed a better way, but found nothing on the market. Since other people were probably having this same issue, she drew up designs and tested different shapes and materials until she found the perfect product. After creating a mold and finding a manufacturer, she set out selling them door to door in her neighborhood. She wrote emails and live pitched to local stores and bigger corporations and ended up selling over 800 units prior to getting on the show Shark Tank. 

Andrea is an outgoing and bright young entrepreneur that loves sharing her knowledge and experiences. As both a growing businesswoman and equestrian, she is ambitious and knowledge craving, and loves to share with others who share that same mindset. She speaks to both young and older audiences, and shares her business stories and experiences including getting on the hit show, Shark Tank, being the youngest host on QVC, meeting and making an impression on the big executives at Walmart, and her FFA and agricultural background. She has spoken to many elementary, middle, and high schools, and even at California Polytechnic State University. Andrea is an example of how kids CAN make an impact and how rejection is never the end of your story. 

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