April Yvette

Shark Tank Airing: Season 2 Episode 205

 April is a business consultant and a freelance Marketing and Sales Director for businesses with 3-100 employees. She helps leaders of businesses reinvent and grow sales and revenue fast through gaining clarity on their brand higher purpose, ideation, product innovation, online emotion-based marketing strategies, online marketing campaigns, product launches, social media marketing, powerful storytelling and focusing on authentic human connection to attract and retain top talent and attract more customers.


April Yvette is an Award-Winning Marketing & Sales Strategist, Influencer, Entrepreneur, Story- teller, Business Consultant. In 2008, April took a leap of faith and started her own cosmetic business. She created and launched an innovative product called THINgloss™ and was sold in stores across America and 5 other countries. She was also featured on TV and media.

April’s powerful story of juggling being a single mom, starting from humble beginnings, launching a dream, winning, learning from failure, reinventing and coming back stronger will make you feel like anything is possible. Your audience will feel empowered, inspired and liberated to get out of their own way and take their power back so they can change what needs to change and create a happy and abundant life and successful career and/or business.

Speaking Topic: “Comeback Stronger”

Have you ever experienced a time when things didn't go as you had planned in your business or in your life? Every person on earth has had to overcome obstacles and challenges to fulfill their destiny. When a million dollar licensing deal fell through for business owner April Yvette, her world fell apart. This caused a near breakdown and finally a breakthrough that sparked an extraordinarycomeback.