Ashley Drummonds

Shark Tank Airing: Season 7, Episode 13

Ashley Drummonds is the founder of ABS Protein Pancakes and has a passion for food, fitness and empowerment. Ashley has taken a love for baking and food and combined it with nutrition to help others enjoy their favorite foods while staying fit. Ashley believes strength in the gym transitions to strength in every area of life so enjoys spending every day practicing Olympic weight- lifting and other forms of fitness. She recently launched a series called ABS TV on YouTube interviewing female entrepreneurs, athletes, and inspirational women in the hopes to empower and inspire other women to believe in their dreams and to create life on their own terms no matter what the story is.

Ashley can inspire a crowd to believe in their dreams and passions with her own story of failures and personal obstacles that has forced her to find her own strength in pursuing the business, life and body of her dreams. As a former personal trainer and now a successful entrepreneur, Ashley speaks passionately on women's empowerment and what it takes to life a strong and independent life.  Working as a personal trainer for 7 years and through her own struggles with her body image, she now is able to use the stories and experience to help other women learn how to truly love their bodies inside nad out. Ashley has successfully built an online business to over 6 figures in less than 1 year and has a passion for teaching others how to build an online business in health, fitness, nutrition and empowerment.

ABS Protein Pancakes is a delicious High Protein and Low Carb Protein Pancake and Waffle Mix that comes in delicious flavors like Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Roll and Vanilla Cake Batter that allows individuals to enjoy things like pancakes and waffles every day while sticking to a healthy, all natural and gluten free nutrition program. The ABS mission is to help you fall back in love with food while loving your body. Ashley's goal is to change the way we do nutrition. No more diets...more foods that fuel your body and fill your soul!