Bev Vines-Haines & Charlotte Clary


 Shark Tank Airing: Season 4, Episode 409 


Bev Vines-Haines and Charlotte Clary have been friends and entrepreneurs together for more than 30 years.  They have founded more than twenty businesses over the years, including a newspaper, a PR company, a Murder/Mystery Dinner Theater business and several advertising ventures. Both are married with grown children and they have a combined total of 41 grandchildren.  It was the desire to give safe and sweet treats to those grandchildren that prompted them to formulate their famous candy.  Additionally, they wanted to give their “Grandpa” husbands (both contractors) a bit of relief from laying tile and building homes.

These Grannies understand they represent a rare dynamic in the speaking realm.  They are women of a certain age who ignored a challenging economy, a lack of experience in manufacturing as well as national and international sales, and the complexities of automation in order to create a multi-million dollar company that is finding shelf space at the checkout stands of major chains and selling alongside confectionery giants. Vines-Haines has authored two books on the principles they used to build their business.  They are sought after speakers for entrepreneurs, senior citizens who still believe in their dreams as well as all people who love a great rags to riches story.

 Ice Chips makes the original vibrant flavored Xylitol candy that is safe for diabetics and great for teeth.  We became a multi-million dollar company, serving all fifty states, less than five years after formulating our product.