Daniela Kelly

Shark Tank Airing: Season 4, Episode 424

Daniela Kelly is a savvy businesswoman and “Mom- Preneur”. Daniela is the Co-Founder of Ryan’s Barkery, a business she and her then 10 year old son created. Ryan’s Barkery has become one of America’s most talked about success stories after receiving an investment from billionaire businesswoman Barbara Corcoran on the hit reality show Shark Tank. Press surrounding the business has included Good Morning America, CT Style, Business Rockstars, and Beyond the Tank. In addition, she has worked with MBA students at NYU Stern and Columbia University to help grow the business.

Daniela and Ryan work closely with, and donate part of the proceeds from their business to support pets in crisis through STARelief and Pet Assistance. In addition to running Ryan’s Barkery, Daniela is a mom of three boys that just returned to the work force and is a stroke survivor.