Danielle Stangler

   Shark Tank Airing:  Season 6, Episode 627 

Danielle Stangler is the CEO & founder of NeatCheeks. As a female entrepreneur and mother of 3 young children, Danielle has made it her mission to create products that make parent’s lives easier. She has leveraged her sales and marketing background to put NeatCheeks into the hands of parents around the world. Danielle believes her simple idea of a flavored face wipe could revolutionize industries beyond the baby/child space and looks forward to taking her innovation to new heights.

One of Danielle’s many passions is to motivate others especially women to never doubt themselves or their ideas. As a female entrepreneur, Danielle has faced many critics who have driven her to prove herself as a woman and mother in the world of business. Danielle would be great to talk to being a female/mother in the world of entrepreneurship, marketing at the grass- roots level and leveraging your biggest supporters and relying on your faith to carry you through the trenches of being a business owner.

 TaylorBaby LLC is dedicated to creating innovative children’s products that help parents resolve challenging issues by providing them unique alternatives to the products they use every day. As creator and distributor of NeatCheeks, the first-flavored face wipes for kids, TaylorBaby LLC holds a patent-pending for the use of flavor in wipes.