David Krippendorf

Shark Tank Airing: Season 6, Episode 610

David Krippendorf is an entrepreneur with multiple successful businesses. After a career in finance, he left to start a business. He founded the Kitchen Safe, a global business that also helps tens of thousands of people live healthier lives. On the side, he enjoys investing in real estate. In less than a decade, he built a real estate investment portfolio with rental properties currently spanning from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe, with plans to expand out of state. He went from working in a job he didn’t like to doing, to creating something he loved by turning a simple product idea into a million-dollar business. While the Kitchen Safe has changed his life, it has also provided meaning as it has helped countless people lose weight, quit smoking, and fight drug addiction.

Most people have product ideas that they haven’t acted on because they are afraid of taking the leap. For years he made excuses – he was too busy, didn’t have the experience, and didn’t know where to begin. Through sharing his experiences, the struggles and lessons learned along the way, David can help others look for ideas, develop a plan, and gain the confidence that they can build something special.






The Kitchen Safe makes scientifically proven devices to help people fight unwanted temptations. Their first product, the kSafe, is a time-locking container that has helped tens of thousands of people lose weight, quit smoking and fight drug addiction.