David Levich

Shark Tank Airing: Season 6, Episode 5

David Levich is a co-founder of Sun-Staches, a novelty eyewear company that creates fun glasses for all ages.   He and his partners appeared on Season 6, episode 5 of Shark Tank where he landed a deal with Daymond John.  Since then, the partnership has been flourishing and with the help of Daymond,  Sun-Staches has secured major licensing deals with companies like Disney, Warner Brothers, and Marvel and their products can be found in tens of thousands of retail stores around the world.   David has been named one of the top 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by Inc. Magazine and his products have been worn by countless celebrities, and been featured in many major news publications.

David’s story is a true “making something from nothing” story.  After immigrating to the US from Russia as a child, he fought to learn English, make friends, and provide needed support to his family.  He launched his first successful multi-million-dollar business at the age of 18 and in addition to running Sun-Staches, he also acts as a business mentor for many up and coming entrepreneurs.  David can speak about topics like taking the entrepreneurial leap, building the right team, capitalizing on trends, inbound and outbound licensing, b2b vs b2c business models, the importance of intellectual property and how to manage it, how to create and maintain a successful partnership, and much more.