Dr. Julie Goldman

Shark Tank Airing: Season 2, Episode 207, Season 2, Episode 210 of Beyond the Tank

JULIE GOLDMAN perfects life’s Grand Entrances with her non-slip fabric aisle runners.  After earning her Master and Doctorate degrees from Columbia University, Julie was inspired by her own wedding to launch her wildly popular business The Original Runner Company in order to provide the world with the first non-slip fabric aisle runners for weddings and special events.  Her celebrated creations have graced the weddings of Kim Kardashian, Kevin Jonas, Nicole Ritchie, Fergie & Josh Duhamel, Michael Jordan, Neil Diamond and Tracy Jordan to name a few.  Whether it is creating a Yellow Brick Road, a replica football field, or even a completely glittered aisle runner; Julie’s company can make any dream entrance a reality.  The overwhelming success of The Original Runner Company has resulted in Julie appearing on dozens of the TV shows including “Shark Tank” and receiving business awards form Comcast, Dell, American Express and Forbes.  Her business has also been featured in over 200 magazines as well as Crain’s NY Business, NY Daily News, NBC news, Lifetime Television, Oxygen, and Fox Business. 

A well-known adjunct professor, Julie loves to speak on all things entrepreneurship.  She specializes in topics ranging from scaling a small business, celebrity clientele, pricing for a profit, the art of delegation and even utilizing technology to streamline your small business. Julie loves to share what she has learned through her two successful businesses with other business owners.


The Original Runner Company creates the world’s first non-slip fabric aisle runners for weddings & special events.  In just over a decade, Original Runners has grown from a one-woman operation into a worldwide brand with millions of dollars of sales in over 20 countries.