Henry Miller

Shark Tank Airing: Season 5 Episode 520S

Henry Miller is the 19 year old Founder and CEO of Henry’s Humdingers a division of Orange Socks Unlimited LLC. Henry founded Henry’s Humdingers in 2009 when he was just 12 years old after learning about the devastating plight of honeybees from Colony Collapse Disorder. Since then, Henry’s products have been endorsed by Weight Watchers, and can be found in specialty stores as well as Wegman’s and other regional chains. Henry has donated thousands of dollars to help save the bees, spoken to schools and appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank.  He has his own cookbook and has been on QVC five times - four times with David Venable on "In the Kitchen With David" - selling out multiple times where Henry’s Humdingers has an unbelievably high customer rating of 4.7 stars out of 5.

In addition, to the new cookbook and his new flavors, Henry decided that he had to follow Mark Cuban's advice and grow the spicy honey category so he opted to not only sell infused honeys under his own label, but to investigate private label. “You see, since we've had such a limited budget it's difficult to do all the food demonstrations and advertising necessary to get people to try such a unique product,” Henry figured that it would take a trusted brand name to get people to try spice-infused honey. So he flew to Cincinnati and is now the infused-honey supplier to Kroger for Private Selection with products on the shelves in 2100 stores nationwide. It seems since Henry's appearance on Shark Tank he's started a trend for spicy honey in the marketplace. 

Henry is currently entering his sophomore year at Washington State University where he is a member of Phi Sigma Kappa. He enjoys speaking about solving unique business problems, having to stand up for your ideas even when you’re the youngest person in the room with the least amount of experience, daring to be different or why his company is named Orange Socks Unlimited, as well as the amusing contradictions in his life. Henry is both employer, leader in business, mentor and innovator, yet he is also a student, son and employee on campus (because an education is by no means free). He had to miss the junior prom to go to the Northwest Food Processor’s Annual Meeting he finds the irony in having to explain to his professors how he needs an excused absence from class because he has to appear on QVC, how he’s got to gently tell his father, the creative director, to redesign his labels and then ask for some money for fraternity dues. 

Henry’s Humdingers is a quirky, imaginative food products company aimed at offering high quality, unusual foods using only natural ingredients. We currently offer six unique infused honeys ranging from sweet to spicy that work well as cooking & baking ingredients in thousands of recipes.