Jennie Nigrosh


Shark Tank Airing: Season 4, Episode 415

With one mission: Sustainability, The Green Garmento began with one foundational product: the all-in-one reusable dry cleaning bag. Jennie is changing the way dry cleaners do business, by cutting down on how much disposable plastic enters the eco-system. It's being done in grocery, it's time to implement change in the laundry game!

Multifunctional, attractive and affordable, The Green Garmento can be found in 25 countries across the globe. These reusable bags help to reduce frustrating closet clutter and have kept an estimated 3 million pounds of single-use dry cleaning plastic from entering landfills and waterways. 

Jennie recognizes the power Women in Green possesses to begin the sustainability conversation and implement change. Her corporate mission statement is to lower the global carbon footprint by supplying innovative, affordable, sustainable packaging to corporations and consumers - and realizes there’s no better place to spread the word than the Women in Green Forum. 

The Green Garmento now offers a line of sustainable home solutions for e-commerce and retail, as well as custom- printed branded goods for dry cleaners, launderers, hoteliers, corporations and more. 

Be Fantastic… Use Less Plastic with The Green Garmento!