Julie Busha

Shark Tank Airing: Season 5, Episode 509 

After a decade-long career marketing in the male-dominated sport of NASCAR where she served Fortune 500 clients and built the sports marketing agency for a Champion driver, Julie Busha did the unthinkable by leaving the industry she loved to follow her passion.  Not only did Busha bootstrap and launch the innovative relish called Slawsa in the highly competitive mainstream grocery market, but the lifelong saver also endured a buy-out request from a former partner early on in the venture…that increased her risks significantly. Within four years, Slawsa earned placement in over 8,000 stores, restaurants and stadiums in the US and Canada and continues to grow. Busha was just honored as the executive category winner of Progressive Grocer's prestigious "Top Women in Grocery." 

From milking cows to training with the boys, Busha grew up with a strong work ethic.  Busha was the first in her family to graduate from college, having done so on academic and athletic scholarship where she graduated Academic All-American, Order of Omega and with three departmental honors. Busha's wealth of brand experience and marketing savvy allows her to speak on numerous subjects tailored to the audience she is speaking to, in an inspirational way. From topics such as marketing, publicity, innovation, operations and sales, Julie makes complicated subjects easy to grasp.  Busha’s biggest passion is paying it forward to fellow entrepreneurs by contributing to and writing articles, mentoring a dozen start-ups and serving as an administrator of an entrepreneurial group over 16,000 strong. Busha is a champion of small business and an inspiration to anyone who, like her, has ever had a dream. 



Slawsa is a predominantly cabbage-based relish with addictive heat undertones (slaw-salsa hybrid) that is healthier, more versatile and far more flavorful than traditional relishes.  


Julie Busha was a joy to work with and was ready and willing to work with us to craft a presentation that fit into our goals for the conference. Her presentation style was very professional, organized, and she hit the objectives on the mark. She has a bright personality and I hope to continue working with her in the future.
— Ralph Hinkle, MSIT, Education Manager, Produce Marketing Association
Julie was prepared, professional, and a great addition to our speaker lineup. Her deep grocery industry knowledge, finance acumen, and unique business model engaged our audience of accountants. Plus she got the tech right too and was low maintenance, every meeting planner’s dream.
— Sandi Leyva, President Accountant’s Accelerator and co-host Ultimate Accounting vCon.