Michele Kapustka

Shark Tank Airing: Season 1, Episode 110

Michele Kapustka is one of those energetic, enthusiastic entrepreneurs who makes it look easy.  As the founder of SENDaBALL.com she can be heard saying she KNOWS A LOT ABOUT BALLS - which usually gets a laugh.  Michele is classic Chicago: She lives in the same blue collar neighborhood she grew up in.  Married with four sons (she frequently asks people to pray for her as she is outnumbered), she recently noted checking a few things off that bucket list:   all four them are Eagle Scouts and we have taken them in an RV to 49 states (yes we DROVE to Alaska and No,we can’t drive to Hawaii).  The thing Michele loves about her business is that it is so simple and it brings so many smiles.  We heard her say on the Shark Tank segment, “hey – we don’t sell pacemakers, we sell balls” – which gives you an idea of the kind of approach she takes with her business and to life. 

 Michele enjoys telling stories about the early days of ‘guerilla marketing’ – and how she hit the pavement, knocked on doors, sent balls to every possible lead and carried a few balls with her everywhere she went – which always sparked questions (AND SALES).  She gives examples of how you have to throw A LOT of shit at the wall before something sticks.  Michele speaks at local schools in Chicago, and is so encouraging to the younger people helping them to work out the details of their ideas.  Questions and Answer time is one of her favorite segments.  AND – if possible, Michele usually bring lots of balls to pass out as gifts.   One of her favorite topics:  Success isn’t always measured in dollars and cents.   Michele’s business is still a small business, and she is thrilled at her growth of 10% each year.  Always stepping forward, and not letting a step back stop you from “SUCCESS”.  

 SENDaBALL is a company that sends full-inflated bouncy balls in the mail with PUN-tastic messages on them.   There is no box, no packaging, the stamps and the address go right on the ball for a super unique way to send a greeting for under $20.