Mona Weiss

Shark Tank Airing: Season 4, Episode 406

Frustrated by allergies, Mona co-founded Eco Nuts to provide  healthier cleaning options with nontoxic organic cleaners in sustainable packaging. Mona’s diverse background as a former child actress, scientist and animator offers an authentic voice and experience. She has trained bears and big cats, gone on expeditions to the rainforest, and appeared on Sesame Street.

 Starting Eco Nuts with $1,000 from her savings, she nurtured her company to become one of the earliest and most respected players in the organic cleaning industry; winning multiple awards and appearing on Shark Tank, and becoming a trendsetter in the eco-conscious movement. A "Social Media Ninja,” Mona became an expert at working with bloggers and utilizing social media to growth hack her brand.

Eco Nuts is an organic cleaning company that packages with little to no plastic and utilizes berries from the Himalayas that naturally contain soap.