Oliver Greenwald and Sam Nassif

Shark Tank Airing: Season 7, Episode 723

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Oliver Greenwald and Sam Nassif are 16-year old high school students in Denver, CO. They are the co-founders of The Drip Drop, LLC, an ice cream cone accessory business they started at age 10 during a Gates Invention Competition. The device, for which they received a U.S. design patent, is an edible ring that slides up the bottom of a cone and catches drips from melting ice cream. They landed an investment deal with Barbara Corcoran when they appeared on Shark Tank in April 2016. Since the show aired, they have been working to secure licensing deals with cone manufacturers and raising additional capital to manufacture their product. They are frequent young entrepreneur speakers at educational and corporate events (such as Denver Startup Week and Think Big Conference), and they lead workshops for school groups, summer camps, and entrepreneur hubs (such as “1871” in Chicago).

Oliver and Sam have been serial entrepreneurs from a young age, whether selling “mud balls” on the beach at age 5, selling theme bracelets to residents at a summer resort (earning thousands of dollars) at age 8, starting a business to string tennis rackets, or building and selling an app to streamline communication on school campuses. Oliver recently founded a national organization Design Thinking for Teens (DT4T) that helps students and educators implement design thinking programs in schools nationwide, and has been hired by Spikeball to create a national high school club program. Sam continues to be very involved in furthering the progress of the Drip Drop, working on perfecting the design and pursuing additional outside investment. In addition, Sam (a top ranked Jr. tennis player), launched a successful tennis coaching business.

Oliver and Sam believe in a balanced life outside their businesses. When they’re not in the classroom, they are on the varsity tennis team at their high school, winning the Colorado State Tennis Championships in 2015 & 2016. Their favorite sports team is the Broncos, and they are tough competitors in their fantasy football leagues and March Madness basketball brackets.

Their start-up experiences make for interesting and entertaining speaker content. From lessons learned in creating prototypes and silicone molds, using 3D printers, navigating the patent application process, sourcing food ingredients for their product, conducting customer sales tests in retail stores, preparing for media interviews on radio and TV, crafting the perfect business pitch for investors and TV producers, behind-the-scenes anecdotes about meeting the TV Sharks, parenting advice on grit, failure and raising “kid-preneurs”, as well as building a business from the ground up by solving an everyday problem, Sam Nassif and Oliver Greenwald are inspirational young entrepreneur speakers for any audience.