Roger Sullivan

Shark Tank Airing: Season 4, Episode 405 

Roger is a Serial Entrepreneur who is not afraid to dive in and get dirty. From jumping into ABC's Shark Tank in 2012 to diving headfirst into the Distilled Spirit Industry, Roger is a guy who just gets things done. Creating new products and launching from nothing are two things he does best. Roger has helped start over a dozen businesses and is commonly referred to as’ “The Spark”. He will inspire you to dream and motivate you to act.

Specialties: Roger has almost 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. From bars and restaurants to opening his first drive through espresso stand in his early twenties completely debt free. He simultaneously built The Espresso Shopper from the ground up, worked as Master Distributor for Gelaccino and started Kokopelli Holdings, maintaining his position as Owner and CEO. Outside the food and beverage industry, Roger is a Husband, Father of four boys, and a lifetime student at Hard Knocks University.

Personal Motto: Act! Move! Execute! Just don’t stand there!

Roger's most recent project is Eve’s Moonshine Company. After tasting some of the moonshines on the market he was displeased with the flavor and took an old family recipe and brought it to market. In just two years His Apple Pie Moonshine is distributed in 5 states.