Scott E. Jordan

Shark Tank Airing: Season 3, Episode 7


As CEO and Co-Founder, Scott E. Jordan is involved in every aspect of SCOTTeVEST, from engineering the perfect pocket to maintaining media relationships, to the "big picture" stuff like determining the future of the company. He started SCOTTeVEST with no fashion (or product design) experience in 2000 with his wife Laura. Since then, he has built the business from a startup run from his guest bedroom into one of's fastest growing companies, with no outside funding. Early on Scott realized there is a major disconnect between apparel designers, who primarily focus on style, and the end users who actually wear the garments. With that in mind, Scott took just the opposite approach and began designing clothes with specially engineered pockets to hold everything consumers carry on a daily basis. Pockets for cell phones, sunglasses, laptops or tablets (yes, laptops!), sensitive documents, pockets-within-pockets to hold change or other small items...the list goes on and on.

On his way to becoming the industry’s self-proclaimed “Pocket Man” Scott has made numerous TV and public appearances, has had thousands of articles written on him as an entrepreneur and the company he created, and wrote a highly successful book “Pocket Man: The Unauthorized Autobiography of a Passionate, Personal Promoter,” which chronicles his evolution from an unhappy lawyer to an amazingly successful entrepreneur. A dynamic, engaging and humorous presenter, Scott is ready to deliver passion and insight on topics including:

  • Marketing from Scratch: how to fearlessly self-promote yourself and your brand through social media, networking, and sheer brashness
  • Funding Pros/Cons: when to take/reject venture financing/challenges and rewards of launching a business without outside funding
  • Dreammakers: tips on becoming an entrepreneur, how to wake up and live The American Dream
  • Expand or Not: when and how to scale your business from small to...great
  • The Art of FU: why to Follow Up on everything in life and business


SCOTTeVEST engineers innovative, multi-pocket apparel that clears up the clutter and allows users to focus on the moment, rather than where their belongings are. We offer more than 50 garments for men and women that give convenient access to gear at any time, including jackets, pants, cardigans, hoodies, trench coats, hats, and even underwear.