Shelby Gogulski

Shark Tank Airing: Season 7, Ep 729

Shelby Gogulski is the 16-year-old CEO of Yourself Expression an interchangeable accessory company she started in August 2014 along with her 11-year-old brother Gordy.

  Shelby started YSE after her mom denied her request for a pricey pair of bow bedazzled boots. Her mom suggested that she utilize the surplus of bows she already had to decorate boots. Shelby started by making boot bling from office clips. That crafty project led her to creating more interchangeable fashion concepts. Snap Jewelry is the largest of her three collections and the line featured on Shark Tank. Although she did not invent the concept she designs most of the collection and strives to keep it affordable.

Shelby is often asked why she started a company at just 14 years old and her answer is pretty simple. When Shelby was nine, her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo 3 years of treatment. As a way to process and cope, Shelby's family decided to create a bucket list for both the near and long term. Shelby was told that she can achieve it all if she dreamed big and worked hard.

Shelby believes that failure comes only from not trying and that all things in life should be done with a sense of urgency not knowing what the next day will bring. The family managed to invent a kitchen gadget, write two children's books and have fun on their Youtube channel. Although none of these were financially successful it was a desire they had and they made it happen. When she saw how much people loved to create, wear and change what they wore she decided Yourself Expression would be the next item on her bucket list. 

Yourself Expression offers products for women, men, kids and even the family pet and lets you be the designer of what you want to wear. Shelby took her parents $500 and created a healthy six -figure company that is debt-free and  expected to launch in Sea World and Busch Gardens in the fall of 2016.