Skyler Scarlett & Brittney Scarlett-Torres

Shark Tank Airing: Season 7, Episode 720

Skyler Scarlett and Brittney Scarlett-Torres are siblings who co-founded GLACÉ CRYOTHERAPY. Born and raised in Carmel Valley, CA these siblings came across Cryotherapy in early 2012 when the therapy was in its infancy in the U.S. They opened the very first Cryotherapy Spa in all of Central California in October of 2014 and at the time only the 20th Cryotherapy Spa in the U.S. They set out to develop a premier model where people could go to a comfortable environment learn all about the science of the therapy and experience optimal benefits and results. 

Skyler is the initiator (big dreamer) of the team, and he will tell tales of his two in -person business meetings with Vice Presidents of two different billion dollar fitness clubs. He will explain how he dove into a brand new industry at the young age of 23 and lead his company to success.  He will also probably mention selling his first GLACÉ partnership, by chance on his day off of work in only his third month in business. 

Brittney is the container of the team and she can talk about how to be cautious when moving in new directions. She kept the business organized and on point when the company was expanding and offers were coming in from all directions. She can talk about her experience dealing with investors from all walks of lives and what to look for when seeking out partners. She can also talk about the intense franchising process and all the in and outs of how franchising works. 

 GLACÉ CRYOTHERAPY is a cutting edge cold therapy aimed at reducing inflammation in the body. Ideal for those suffering from aches and pains, athletes or anyone looking to add to their overall health and wellness.