Dr. Steven Nakisher

Shark Tank Airing: Season 3, Episode 305

Dr. Steven Nakisher is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and serial entrepreneur. Dr. Nakisher and his husband founded Talbott Teas, a gourmet tea company.  He grew the company from inception to being acquired by Jamba Juice in 2012.

Over 18 years ago, he founded the largest and most successful psychology group practice in Chicago, the Center for Personal Development. Dr. Nakisher is also the founder of Cornerpiece Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in the ‘people side’ of business. Cornerpiece helps companies increase revenue by improving the company’s human capital. Dr. Nakisher has also owned and operating the Leadership Advisory Board, an organization for leadership development for CEOs of major companies. In both the US and internationally, he consults with corporations across the spectrum, including the entertainment industry, technology and retail product companies.  In addition to having owned a high end hair salon and two internet based companies, two years ago, Dr. Nakisher co-founded Bellwether Creation Company, a fast-growing technology development company that currently has over 15 employees.  Most recently, Dr. Nakisher and his partner are developing high end homes in Chicago area.  

Dr. Nakisher’s experience in building businesses and consulting originates with the notion that success comes “as long as you do what you love, and do it with a ton of passion.” Dr. Nakisher’s psychological lens inspires people to "get out of their own way", as he has created a unique perspective on leadership, marketing and business development.  He believes that creating better and stronger businesses originate from being a great leader. His greatest fulfillment comes from his passion in building his businesses, and helping others grow and succeed.