Danny Mastronardo

Shark Tank Airing: Season 3, Episode 308

Danny Nardo is vice-president of Nardo’s Natural, a family-owned organic skincare line he co-founded with his three brothers. With Danny's passion for health and mind for business, he guided and inspired thousands of entrepreneurs and start-up companies with speaking engagements on marketing and branding, including small business expert Tory Johnson’s national tour, Spark & Hustle. 

Danny holds a Communications degree from the University of Tampa where he graduated with honors. Danny enjoys speaking about the obstacles small business owners face... on and off company time. Life throws many curveballs and Danny teaches listeners the importance of staying in the batters-box.  Passion and determination are important components when starting a business. Danny explains various ways you can "become passionate" without even knowing it! 

Nardo’s Natural, Organic Skincare was established in April of 2009. The four Nardo brothers collaborated to create an effective & healthy skincare line with ingredients derived from nature. Nardo's Natural organic products are suitable for all skin types and loaded with skin-loving nutrients.