Travis Perry

Shark Tank Airing: Season 3, Episode 303

Travis Perry has been a music teacher for more than 32 years. From experience, he learned that keeping his students excited and interested in playing was key to their success. Perry noticed that 7 out of 10 of new guitar students, including Bradi, his own daughter, quit taking lessons within 60 days. While teaching, Travis continued working on his idea of a simple “magical” device that students could easily mount on the guitar, press down a button and work on the right-hand rhythm patterns until they learned how to play guitar chords on their own. Providing additional inspiration, Perry’s daughter told him, “Daddy if you’ll invent that, I promise I’ll learn how to play.” Many years of product testing helped him create a two-month teaching program to complement the ChordBuddy product. He also found a fit for ChordBuddy in other markets too, including special needs children, arthritic seniors as well as home-based and school music education programs.

In October, 2010, Perry introduced ChordBuddy to the market. Two years later, he appeared on the hit ABC show “Shark Tank,” to reach out for more funding to grow his business. The response that followed was overwhelming. Today, guided by the motto “you make the music, ChordBuddy makes it easy,” Perry continues his mission to bring the joys and benefits of playing music to millions of potential musicians around the world through his ChordBuddy products.